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Plán 2013

Hodiny - ciferník Románská kultura Románská kultura - osmisměrka AZ kvíz (jen FIREFOX!)

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Quantities Food and meals What's the time, please? The present simple tense The present simple tense: negative Comparatives The present simple tense: questions and short answers Superlatives Question words Wh- questions Question tags Passive voice Numbers Animals Free time How to use "will" Singular and plural Sums and mathematical symbols Adjectives - revision Transport Sports Comparing things and people Musical instruments Countries and flags Wild and farm animals National holidays and traditions in the USA Where are you from? Objects pronouns The verb "be": affirmative and negative Prepositions of place Past continuous tense There is / There are Future with "going to" The verb "be": questions and short answers Can / can't Days of the week The past simple tense of the verb "be" Past simple: regular verbs Adverbs The verb "be": "wh-" questions